Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is a sample dress?

A sample dress is a dress that has been used in-store for brides to try on when shopping. There is typically only one of each in a bridal store, meaning that there is only one available when it comes to being sold 'off-the-peg'. So once it’s gone, it’s gone! The price of a sample sale dress is set according to the condition of the dress and how recent it is.

+ Can I visit you in person?

No. We are only operating online effective immediately.

+ Are alterations included in the price?

No. Alterations are always separate as the price you will pay will depend on what needs doing to the dress. We have a recommended seamstress that we can put you in touch with after your dress purchase. Her prices typically are around £300-£400.

+ When do I start having bridal alterations?

We advise starting your bridal alterations 4-12 weeks before your wedding date. The seamstress will book you in with more than enough time to get everything done for your big day. 

+ Do you clean the dresses prior to sending them?

No. The dresses are sold as seen / as is. If you want to get your dress cleaned before your big day, we recommend using a bridal dress cleaning company or professional dry cleaner.

+ How do I return my order?

Please refer to our returns page.


If you have any questions that aren't listed above, then please contact us.